All About Sadie! The Founder of Sadie Martin Media

Hi friends! I'm Sadie and I'm excited to be sharing all the wedding tips and tricks for my brides on my blog!

hamilton wedding videographer

To start, I'll let you get to know me a bit!

Let's get started!

I have been filming weddings since 2017 and absolutely love providing a boutique and personalized experience for my couples.

My family means everything to me and I think why I want each film to be unique is because I often think about my wedding (someday, it hasn’t happened yet).

I think about all the amazing people I want to have in my wedding film. The thought of doing a first look with my dad and having that memory captured forever brings tears to my eyes (I know he’ll cry for sure).

dad and daughter

My films are story telling and emotionally driven, instead of explaining more I’ll show you!

Watch this to learn more!

I was the girl growing up who always had her camera on her, I started tinkering with videos like any crazy horse and animal girl does… on youtube. I then followed my passion and went to Mohawk College and graduated from the Film and Television program.

I may regret this but below is an early 2010 video for your viewing pleasure. Ah, even just the thumbnail tells you enough! haha!

Sadie GTA wedding videographer

I live with my boyfriend, Adam. We have been together, when I wrote this, for 5.5 years. We met on good’ol tinder!

(Sometimes when people we don’t know well ask, we say we met on Christian Mingle) The looks are priceless.

I have two cats and a horse. My cats are Theo (orange tabby) and Bella (calico), and my horse is named Molly.

orange tabby calico cat
chestnut horse and girl

I also have a younger sister named Molly, it gets confusing!

I’ve always been a fan of love. I grew up reading Sarah Dessen, Nicholas Sparks, I totally went through a vampire stage as well…

Twilight, house of night. Any book with blood suckers and hot boys I was all about it!

Don’t judge me for it.

PC White Cheddar Mac and Cheese will always be my comfort food.

Pepsi > Coke

My secret power is I can get into basically any reality show, I mean any.

I haven’t a tattoo on me but Ink Master is one of my favorites.

Selling sunsets, hells kitchen, the bachelor franchise (obviously!), and my latest is Formula 1 – drive to survive.

If you’re a lady reading this…. Watch formula 1 for some eye candy, hehe

Adam is not such a big fan of my reality show obsessions haha!

So together we love to watch the office, parks and rec, and the good place is a recent fave!

One last, little nugget about me is I grew up outside of Binbrook and was a total country bumpkin.

A bike ride around the block was an afternoon activity...

I now live on Locke St in Downtown Hamilton. I appreciate the 10min drive to get virtually anywhere but we hope to purchase a property and move back to the country soon!

You can probably guess it but my favorite venues are rustic, barn weddings!

So that's it, welcome to my page. I'm just an average girl with a love for love and storytelling!

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